ACMC60 Usage and Wiring Diagram

AC Voltage Controller

ACMC60 Voltage ControllerACMC60 Voltage Controller ACMC60-1 is a general-purpose high-power AC voltage controller. It is also available in ACMC100-1 model. Both of these models look identical with the only exception that the ACMC60 is limited to 6000W while the ACMC100 is a 10000W controller. The whole body of this controller is made using aluminum so it also acts as a heatsink to dissipate heat.
Weight and Dimensions:
ACMC60 and ACMC100 both weights around 216 grams which mostly consists of its aluminum heatsink. It is 13mm long, 6mm wide and *5.5mm tall. The controller body itself is only 4.7mm but the connectors are actually a bit outside the body from the top which makes the entire module 5.5mm tall. One thing to note here is if you want to fit this controller inside something, you should allot some space on the top of the controller so that the heat is easily dissipated. Also, if you want to use it at full power then maybe you should also add a small fan.

Technical Specs:

BTA100-800 ThyristorBTA100-800 Thyristor I have opened an ACMC100 to see the TRIAC used inside as I wanted to know the actual potential of this voltage controller. I was surprised to find a BTA100-800 inside which is a very powerful 100A bidirectional thyristor. Although if original, this thyristor can easily handle 10000W of load provided that the internal PCB and the connectors can handle the load. I have posted the teardown video of ACMC60-1 on the research cell videos channel. You can see the video to see the internal circuitry of this controller. Also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see latest technical videos.

ACMC60 Wiring DiagramACMC60 Wiring Diagram Controller Wiring Diagram: It is very easy to use ACMC60 and ACMC100, there are 3 connectors at the back of the controller. One is the common point which should be used to connect the neutral wire of both the input and the output side. (Be careful though as the common neutral connector is not in the center instead it is on the side.) Then insert the live wire of your output Load (e.g. bulb, motor, heater etc) in the output connector and tight the screw. Then finally, insert the live power wire into the “input” connector and tight the screw. Check the connections once again to make sure you have connected them correctly and you are ready to power it.

Common Uses:
ACMC60 and ACMC100 can be used to control the speed of single-phase AC motors and fans. Dimmable lights and even heaters can be controlled with this controller. You can also control the output voltage of a transformer-based power adapter by controlling the input voltage of that transformer using ACMC60. I have even controlled my grinder using this controller which is shown in my YouTube video.
ACMC60 and 100 are non-isolated voltage controllers which means even if you turn their power knob to minimum still you can get a fully lethal shock from the output. Always wear proper electric protection gear while dealing with such controllers and also don’t attempt to use them if you are not qualified to do so.

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